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Our company name is TOCANTIS LLC.

We have been hard workers our entire life.  We are deeply committed to what we do and always strive to deliver great customer service.  No job is too big or too small and all is handled with a smile and positive attitude.  

There is another important detail you should know about us...we will never share your information with anyone. While we have our own Amazon prepping center, we will never pilfer your wholesale suppliers or use your inventory to source products for ourselves, because we are not sellers, we only help you make your business better. We value the honesty, loyalty and integrity very much. You will get both from us.

Every experienced FBA seller knows that "the money is in the sourcing". The time you spend prepping, packing, and shipping your inventory is time away from the most important part of your business: sourcing. 

​Get inventory processing out of your house and off your mind. We can handle all aspects of preparation, packing, and shipping so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Have the manufacturer or wholesale distributor ship your merchandise directly to us. Because we are pro-sellers on Amazon ourselves, we know exactly how each and every piece needs to be handled. We will create bundles or multipacks, label and pack your products to suit Amazon's stringent specifications, and then ship directly to Amazon's warehouses.


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