In a few words: We are proficient in Amazon Seller Central as in Inventory Lab, the most important tool for prepping and shipping your items to Amazon, you can feel confidence with our work.

In a long version:  FBA Prep and Ship is a partnership.  You and us are partner to make all of this happen together.  You know everything, every step we take with your product, no doubt about. 

  1. You order your product and have it sent to us. 
  2. We receive your inventory at our warehouse, inspect it and check it against your inventory sheet or invoice from your supplier.
  3. Once you have everything listed and are ready to ship an order, you provide a copy of your labels and SKU lists to us for your shipments. Whether you are using the inventory lab or to access to your account in Amazon Seller Central once your account has been setup, you have to make a subaccount access for us. Remember, we cannot see your financial information on either account. These accounts are needed in order for us to process and prepare your inventory from start to finish to give you a completely hands-off experience.You send us an email where you let us know that you are ready and we take it from there.
  4. Once we have everything boxed and ready to go, we will send you an email with the shipment box details, then we ship it out.

Turnaround time: from receipt of your shipping request to ready to ship is usually between 24 and 72 hours.  

We are proficient in Inventory lab, so, if you can count with this software, everything became easier for both of us. Your Inventory will be checked in the day after it is received in our warehouse.  Is simple, if the inventory is delivered to us on Monday, it will be checked next day. 

We are closed on Sundays. UPS delivers Monday through Friday by 4:00 p.m. FedEx ground and air will deliver on Saturday. We are receiving packages into our warehouse from Mondays through Fridays.  Accepting Retail Arbitrage (RA) deliveries Monday – Friday. On Saturdays we are dedicated to inspect, pack and label the products to be ready for shipping next business day.

Billing is by complete shipping. You will receive an invoice by email, immediately, for the total units in the complete shipment. Once the shipment is processed and ready for shipping we will send you an invoice that will need to be paid before we release your shipment to Amazon



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